8 Easy Tips to Quickly Eradicate Pests for Good

May 8, 2020

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Written by The Long Beach Dumpster Company Team 


When thinking of waste management practices for your home, office, or anywhere, you must also consider pest control. In order to survive, these pests need shelter, food, water, and warmth. The perfect spot for these pests to thrive is in the waste disposal area. Poor waste management practices create a perfect setting for these germ-carrying pests to survive. So, how do we remove these pests? Let’s find out in the article below.

Common Pests

So, before we go into the details of how to eradicate these annoying pests in our homes, offices, schools, or other establishments, let’s first discuss the common pests you may see around your property

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can easily adapt to any condition; but, they mostly thrive in filthy and moist settings such as waste bins. They mainly eat decaying or dead plant or organic matter. While they grow well in waste areas, they will most likely find a way to get inside your home or place of work, which can be unsightly and unsanitary.

2. Flies

Even though flies are tolerated more readily than other pests, in reality, they are one of the filthiest pests that can carry more than 100 pathogens that can affect a person’s health.

3. Wasps

Wasps are attracted to garbage bins that are not regularly emptied or properly covered. These pests eat fish, meat, and sugary substances. These wasps build nests almost anywhere that’s well-concealed. The worst thing about them is that they can try to infiltrate your home once the weather warms up.

4. Rodents

The most common pests around improperly managed garbage cans or areas are rodents. These annoying pests can also transmit and harbor serious diseases, so it’s important that they are removed as soon as possible.

Waste Management Tips to Eliminate Pests

Here are some tips you can use to keep your waste disposal or collection area from attracting pests:

  • Keep trash cans closed at all times. This is to keep pests from feeding or entering them.
  • Use hot water and detergent to clean your waste containers regularly.
  • If you have one, make sure that your dumpster is sanitized on a frequent basis.
  • Use dumpsters or trash bins with latching lids and side doors when disposing of bulky items.
  • Check your disposal zones on a daily basis, and keep the area free of discarded food or trash.
  • Move dumpsters as far as possible from the property.
  • Think about installing rodent monitoring stations or insect light traps in garbage areas to check and keep the spread of pests.
  • Talk with a reliable pest management company about odor-neutralizing products that can eradicate pest-attracting odors. Use it in garbage bins, dumpsters, trash chutes, or any waste disposal area where pests grow and multiply.

It is important to reduce pest activity through proper waste disposal as soon as possible. This will prevent pests from infiltrating inside your home or place of work. Once pests start to thrive in the neighborhood, they can become difficult to control. By using the tips above as preventive measures, you will keep your property protected from these unhygienic and tiresome pests.

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