Spring 2020 Landscaping Ideas

January 22, 2020

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Written by The Long Beach Dumpster Company Team 


While it might be the dead of California’s winter as I’m writing this (poor us), spring is just around the corner for us all. With spring comes new beginnings, and if your New Year’s Resolution was to finally do something with that front yard, back yard, or outdoor space on your property, you’re in luck. Here at the Long Beach Dumpster Company we want to help you in all activities “that make a mess,” so here are some great ideas for how you can freshen up your outdoor space.

Install a Garden Retaining Wall

Let’s stay off with a bang, get yourself a garden retaining wall. If you have a sloped surface on your property, a retaining wall is a perfect place to put plants, and other materials such as wood chips, stones, sand, and rock. The walls can be made of a variety of options including brick, wood, and stones, giving you lots of design choices. Maybe considering hiring a concrete contractor or landscape design company if you have the budget.

Maintain Your Property

It’s been a long winter, why don’t you give the nature around your house some greenery? Take a look around your property for overgrown grass, weeds, unruly hedges, damage from animals, and anything that looks amiss. Before going to the store to pick up something new, take some time to give these things your attention. Whether the plants just need a little watering or you need to clean up some dead branches, taking a look around and making the most of what you have will set you up for success for the additions soon to come. If there’s a ton of junk lying around, consider getting a small dumpster rental to make the cleanup process easy.

Create an Entertainment Space

One of the best benefits of having a beautiful outdoor space is getting to spend time in it. If you have a very exposed area, think about investing in a patio cover, pergola, or shady umbrella. If you’ve always wanted to get the smoky wood smell of a hot summer night imbued into your hamburgers, invest in a barbecue grill or green egg grill so you can cook outside. Also consider getting outdoor pillows or cushions for your seating. They instantly make the space much more cozy, and have the added benefit of adding color to your space.

Add a Water Feature

To add a zen-like quality to your backyard, install a water feature. Studies have shown that listening to running water calms people down, and looking at the water while doing so will decrease your stress level. If you don’t have the room or budget for a large water feature, try searching the internet for small standalone waterfalls that you can power via an electrical outlet.

What are some of your favorite ways to improve your outdoor space? Let us know and we might update the article with your response!

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