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Long Beach, CA Dumpster Rentals

The Long Beach Dumpster Company is proud to provide premium dumpster rental services to the entire South Bay region. We know that a dumpster rental is usually requested when you really need one, which is why we offer some of the fastest service for dumpster rentals in the area. We carry a large fleet of dumpsters so we can get you your roll off within a day or two tops, keeping your project on-schedule and in-budget.

Excellent Dumpster Rental Services at Competitive Prices

We work with one goal in mind: to provide our clients with the best service at the most affordable prices. Our entire process is perfectly streamlined so that you get the right size dumpster in the shortest possible time. Our friendly representatives will answer your call and note down your requirements, after which, the process of delivering the dumpster at your residence or commercial building begins. Our services are broad and reliable. Long Beach Dumpster Company possesses the knowledge, resources and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done as efficiently as possible. For the most innovative and flexible waste management service in the area, you can rely on us. 

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Dependable Dumpster Rental Services

Since dumpsters are rented in urgent situations, the last thing you want as a client is to have the dumpster arrive at your location later than the scheduled time. Such unprofessionalism can make clients livid and negatively impact the business, and rightly so. For that reason, we make sure that our dumpsters are delivered on time so that you can get on with your project. You don’t have to worry about housing the dumpster on your premises for weeks, as our representatives will pick up the dumpster as soon as you’re finished. Our drivers are professionally trained and hold valid licenses to drive our roll off trucks. They will collect the garbage from your property without damaging the driveway, yard or any other section of your property, so no need to worry. 

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Why Rent a Dumpster?

There could be several reasons for needing a dumpster rental, but in our experience, the main ones include remodeling a home, office or building. Dumpsters are also commonly rented when demolishing garages, sheds, and decks. We also have gigantic 40 yard dumpsters, construction companies rent for constructing new buildings or adding new sections to existing buildings. Our fleet contains different size dumpsters, which can be used for carrying out different tasks according to your needs.

Typical Projects For Which Dumpsters Are Used:

1. Landscaping Projects

2. Home Renovations

3. Home & Building Additions

4. Garage, Shed and Deck Demolition

5. Shingle Removal

Prerequesites for Hiring a Dumpster Company

We are 100% confident in our services, and so we’d like to offer some advice to help you find a reputable company from which to rent your dumpster. The process begins with compiling a list of the top dumpster rental companies in the area, followed by asking for a price quote from each one of those companies. Also, let them know as to why you want to rent a dumpster, and what type of materials you will be putting in the dumpster, so the quote can be accurate and you won’t be hit with surprise fees later. Such information will help the dumpster company in identifying the right type of dumpster for your project and give you the best quote as well.

Need help finding a dumpster company? We are partnered with Countrywide Dumpster Rental to provide superior roll off dumpster rentals throughout Los Angeles county.

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Tips for Renting a Dumpster

The following tips are for all clients, whether you are a homeowner, contractor, landlord, commercial business owner, or real estate agent considering renting a dumpster:

1. Before renting a dumpster in Long Beach, you should get in touch with a few local companies to compare their services and pricing. Ask what dumpster size they recommend for your project and ask how much you will be paying for it. Get an idea of the materials you will be disposing of and decide precisely when you will be needing the dumpster. 

2. When comparing the prices of various dumpster rental companies, make sure to ask what their weight limits are and if there are any fees at the end of the process. 

3. Know that when a dumpster is “10 yards” or “20 yards,” it doesn’t mean that the dumpster is 10 yard long, but rather that the dumpster holds 10 cubic yards of waste. 10 and 20 yard dumpsters fit inside most driveways, and 30 and 40 yard dumpsters commonly have doors where you can walk into the container to place trash.

4. There are certain materials, which can incur some additional fees, such as tires, appliances, and mattresses. This is because the landfill charges higher dump fees for these kinds of materials. You should let the dumpster company know about the materials you want to throw so as to get the full details about the dumping procedure. Some companies won’t take certain materials while other companies do and simply charge more. 

5. Most dumpster rentals are done for one week, with additional fees for keeping the dumpster longer. Even if you only need the dumpster for a day or two, most companies charge a flat rate for a week, but some might give you a slight discount. 

If you happen to be located in Akron, OH, check out our good friends at Junk Hauling Akron for your waste disposal needs!

Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What questions should I ask when comparing multiple dumpster rental companies?

Answer - Here are some common questions that you should ask when deciding on a provider:

1. What will be the cost of renting a dumpster?

2. What items can I put in the bin?

3. How long will I have the dumpster for?

4. What’s the charge if I keep the dumpster beyond the allotted time?

5. Can the dumpster fit in my driveway?

These are some of the questions which you should ask. An ethical dumpster company should have clear answers to these and should be able to dispel any doubts. 

Question – Will the dumpster fit in my driveway?

Answer – Long Beach Dumpster Company has a large fleet of dumpsters with different sizes. Most driveways are a minimum 10 feet wide, which offers enough room for 10 yard dumpsters, and most 20 yard dumpsters as well.

Question - Can a dumpster be placed on any surface?

Answer - Ideally, a dumpster should be placed on flat, hard surfaces such as a driveway. Make sure not to place the dumpster on city streets, slopes, soft ground, and space that doesn’t belong to you. 

Question - Do I need to be at home at the time of dumpster delivery?

Answer - No, as you can inform another person to receive the dumpster on your behalf.

Question - Can I put the dumpster on the street?

Answer – You need to check with your local government to see if you can legally place the dumpster on a roadway. In general we recommend that our clients keep the dumpster on their property to avoid potentially being ticketed.

Different Dumpster Sizes Available at The Long Beach Dumpster Company

There are four sizes of dumpsters available for rent at The Long Beach Dumpster Company. 

4 Yard Dumpsters

Four yard dumpsters are the smallest size of dumpster we have on offer. Four yard dumpsters are good for small businesses, rental properties, or restaurants that have small amounts of regular garbage to dispose of. It's not ideal for getting rid of bulky items.

10 Yard Dumpsters

This dumpster should be used if you don’t have too much garbage to dump or have less space to fit a large dumpster. Many homeowners rent this dumpster for cleaning their home or other residential projects. The dimensions of this dumpster are 12 ft. x 8 ft. x 4 ft.

20 Yard Dumpsters

Rent this dumpster to clear around 20 cubic yards of garbage from your property. This is a very common dumpster size used in Long Beach because it can still fit in most driveways but holds about twice as much as a 10 yard rental. The dimensions of this dumpster are 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 4.5 ft.

40 Yard Dumpsters

Rent this dumpster when you have a large amount of waste to dispose of. This dumpster can handle debris from a major interior renovation, home remodeling project, roof reconstruction and more. The dimensions of this dumpster are 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft.

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